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Began my insurance career for a small insurance brokerage in East Brunswick, N.J. while attending Ithaca College. I graduated Ithaca College and worked for Merrill Lynch for several years. I moved to New York and started an Agency in Great Neck, NY from scratch, while living in Manhattan.

In 2004 I moved my family from Manhattan to Westchester County, New York, while simultaneously merging my business with two collegues in Rye Brook New York, presently BNC Insurance Agency, Inc.

Effective July 2010 I had sold my position in BNC, and had begun building Metropolitan Risk Advisory, an Insurance Brokerage firm that uses Risk Management techniques to substantially reduce Net Income Loss at many mid sized businesses located in the New York Metropolitan Area.

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Outiside of my family, getting the Labor Law revised to inject some balance back into the market place. Our legislators in Albany have no idea how much damage was caused when they changed the law back in 1996.